Chasing Dreams “Behind The Curtain”

Ever wonder what happens on Broadway after the curtain falls on one performance and before it rises on the next? What about what it takes to chase your dream on the world’s largest stage, Broadway?

If you’re curious like me. You’ll want to check out the new web series “Behind the Curtain” from producers Danny Jordan (TV’s The Biggest Loser, Master Chef, Losing it with Jillian) and Andrew Spires (TV’s American Idol and Trading Spaces).

Featuring a dynamic cast that includes a Broadway main stay, a new in town actress pounding the streets of Manhattan looking for her break, a dancer wanting to move out of the ensemble, a lyricist/composer looking to prove himself and a slew of talented dream chasers looking for the “big break” they’ve been hoping for.

What do they all have in common? Dreams.

Everyone has one. But the harsh reality is only a handful of people will actually see their dreams come true.

Its no secret one of the hardest places to chase your dreams is Broadway. A countless number of actors, singers and dancers pick up their lives from around the country to make the move to New York City every year. All auditioning for the same roles. All hoping today is the day they get the call.

The show has been in development since 2009 and is finally ready to make its debut to the masses on this fall. But before this riveting, all-access pass to a group of talented Broadway hopefuls can do that it needs a little help from theatre lovers like you and I.

Thanks to the popular financing website Kickstarter, Broadway fans have the opportunity to not just watch the journey of these performers unfold, but also become a part of the show.

So, how can you become a part of the show? No walk on roles or craft services access here.

However, you can be a part of the series by becoming a backer of the project. When you become a backer you’ll provide the help needed to purchase additional camera, lighting and audio equipment needed to create the show. Also,  funding needed to hire a crew and pay the cast. And remember its all about location, location, location. Your gift will also help secure filming locations throughout NYC.

For more information on the show and how you can help turn this project into a reality, check out the video on the “Behind the Curtain” Kickstarter page.


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