Driving Miss Daisy at The Jungle Theater


PHOTO CREDIT: Michal Daniel

Alfred Uhry’s Pulitzer Prize-winning play “Driving Miss Daisy” starts as an unwanted affiliation between a white widow and her black chauffeur in 1948 Atlanta, but evolves into a lasting friendship spanning decades. After her latest car accident, Daisy Werthan’s son Boolie decides her driving days are over and hires Hoke Coleburn as his mother’s chauffeur.

As Daisy Werthan, Wendy Lehr portrays the perfect balance of a traditional Southern lady and a brash elder. She doesn’t just breathe life into Miss Daisy, she brings the character to a new dimension and plays the character with sophistication and sympathetic edge. James Craven isn’t just Miss Daisy’s chauffeur Hoke Coleburn, he is often also her sparring partner. As Hoke, Craven walks a tightrope at the beginning as Miss Daisy doesn’t want him, but he’s employed my her son Boolie and only he can fire him. He does a sensational job with this delicate balance. Charles Fraser’s Boolie has the perfect equilibrium as an exasperated and loving son.

Artistic Director Bain Boehlke also designed the beautiful set. Instead of having major scene changes between Miss Daisy’s home, Boolie’s office and the car, we are treated to all three settings on the stage at once. Helping us transition through the scenes are lighting changes and and sound effects to signify doors opening and closing and the car starting and turning off.

This is another gorgeous production by everyone at The Jungle Theater and the perfect show to see this holiday season. “Driving Miss Daisy” runs through December 22 at The Jungle Theater. More more information on the show visit their website.

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