Rancho Mirage at Old Log Theater

Money ShotWhat happens when the walls come down and our secrets are exposed? What happens when an innocent dinner party with friends takes a wrong turn? These questions and more are answered in the regional premiere of Steven Dietz’s play RANCHO MIRAGE at the Old Log Theater. Nick (James Denton) and Diane (Stacia Rice) host their friends for a dinner party in what we learn is their last night in their home before the bank forecloses on it. But this isn’t the only revelation we learn. Louise (Ann Michels) suspects her husband Trevor (David Mann) of having an affair with Julie the babysitter. Pam (Mo Perry) has kept a deep secret from her husband Charlie (Joshua James Campbell). Charlie, unbeknownst to even his wife began the adoption process for a child.

As the wine continues to flow the walls keep falling and the revelations keep coming. The next one even more shocking and sometimes more hilarious than the previous one. There is no shortage of opportunities to laugh in this show. Regardless of the revelations, the friends and spouses continue to stand by each other. There is time for both the men and women to bond and commiserate separately as we gain more insight in to the dynamics of there history and relationships.

This is an ensemble show and each actor brilliantly plays off of each other to bring these characters and story to life.  Ann Michels’  has some of the best facial expressions and reactions to the secrets she learns over the course of the play. The cast is directed by new Artistic Director R. Kent. Knutson, who does an exceptional job giving each actor the opportunity to let their character shine.

RANCHO MIRAGE continues through December 7 at the Old Log Theater. For more information on the show, visit their website.


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