Interview with Sarita Rachelle Lilly of the National Tour of The Gershwins’ Porgy and Bess

Sarita-Rachelle-LillyThe national tour of The Gershwins’ Porgy and Bess is playing at the Ordway this week and one member of the cast, Sarita Rachelle Lilly has seen this production from its conception at the American Repertory Theatre in Boston. Originally cast as the female swing covering all of the soprano and alto parts for the ART production in February 2011, Sarita went on to join the Broadway and National Tour companies as well.

After not being cast in the Broadway production, Sarita received a call on her birthday in 2012, asking her to step in for a previously cast actor who wasn’t ready. “I got the call and agreed to join the company. I was given 48 hours to pack up my life in Boston, move to Manhattan and find somewhere to live. All while re-learning the parts I would be covering.” It was during her run with the Broadway company that she realized her dream of one day being able to have it all…a career and family was possible. “While working with Audra McDonald and Director Diane Paulus I witnessed first hand two remarkably talented women at the top of their profession who was able to balance a successful career with a loving, caring and close knit family. To see these two women who I deeply respect be able to have it all, made me realize I don’t have to sacrifice what I want.”

Now playing ‘the Strawberry Lady’ in the touring company, Sarita is enjoying criss-crossing the country and bringing this American classic to audiences around the country. “Every time we open in a new city it brings the entire cast a new burst of energy. The audiences are full of theatre fans who are excited to see a Broadway caliber show which makes performing the show every night never gets old.”

The Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess is playing at The Ordway in Saint Paul through Sunday, March 30. For tickets and more information visit the Ordway’s site.

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