Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson by Minneapolis Musical Theatre at the New Century Theatre

bbaj_logo_verticalWhat do you get when you mix emo-rock music, the early 19th century and an egotistical President? Minneapolis Musical Theatre’s production of BLOODY BLOODY ANDREW JACKSON currently playing at the New Century Theatre. MMT prides itself on bringing the rarely produced musical to the stage and this show is no exception.

Philip C. Matthews is energetic and magnetic in the title role. The role is clearly physically demanding, but you would never know that based on the outstanding performance he gives. He spends almost the entirety of the nearly two hour show on stage. Without an intermission too. The amount of emotion and passion put in to this role is evident.

Ryan McGuire Grimes steals many scenes with his portrayal of Martin Van Buren. Martin Van Buren was the Secretary of State under Andrew Jackson (before becoming Vice President and eventually the Eighth President of the United States), but in this show he is more like a secretary/Public Relations guru who is doing his best to deal with the unpredictable Jackson who occupies the Oval Office.

BLOODY BLODDY ANDREW JACKSON aims to redefine America’s seventh President as a man-boy, emo-rockstar and focuses on populism, founding of the modern Democratic Party, the Indian Removal Act and his relationship with his wife Rachel. Its not hard to see the creators Alex Timbers (book writer) and Michael Friedman (Music and Lyrics) have set out to make this a comedic historical rock musical. The show even contains references to modern music (a Jason DeRulo song is used in one scene), the classic TV show The Brady Bunch, and even the current state of the United States.

Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson runs through June 29 at the New Century Theatre. For more information on the show, or to purchase tickets visit the New Century Theatre’s website.



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