GUYS AND DOLLS at Bloomington Civic Theatre

10339405_10152176878376216_7383352781453644049_oIf you’re looking for an old-fashioned Broadway musical look no further than Bloomington Civic Theatre’s production of Guys and Dolls. Full of big production numbers and a Frank Loesser score full of familiar tunes, it is a good idea to take a gamble on this production.

Director and Choreographer Matthew Michael Ferrell doesn’t disappoint with his stunning choreography. Three scenes in particular stood out to me…”Sit Down You’re Rocking the Boat”, “Luck Be A Lady” and the Havana scene. The dancing is flawless and kicks up the production value to rival the best of Broadway.

Bill Rolon is perfectly cast as Nathan Detroit. He has the needed chemistry of a slimy gambler out to make the game work for him. But also the delicate side of a guy madly in love and wrapped around the finger of his longtime fiancé Adelaide. Another perfect casting choice is Rachel Weber as Adelaide. These two play perfectly off of each other and light up the stage with their chemistry. They spar and show their loving sides as though we are watching a real couple go through some ups and downs.

Though the romance between Sky Masterson and Sarah Brown is mostly lost in the story behind Nathan and Adelaide, Holli Richgels and Joshua Paul Smith sizzle in their respective roles. Not only do their voices sound gorgeous together, but they bring an obvious chemistry to the characters and play off each other like smitten teenagers. It is really cute and endearing to watch.

As with every show Ed Gleeman works on, he does not disappoint with the costumes. Bold, vibrant suits for the guys and colorful and fun dresses for the women. The costumes for The Hot Box Girls are perfectly themed to their dances.

The only area I was disappointed with was, the overall set design and the scene specific set pieces. In most of the scenes it felt as those scenery was an after thought. As though the brilliant choreography, costumes and lighting design would make up for the the lack of a great set.

Overall, Guys and Dolls is a beautiful production with excellent dance numbers, vocals and a classic story. The show runs through September 14. For more information on the show or to purchase tickets visit BCT’s site.


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