Busytown The Musical at Children’s Theatre Company


Photo Credit: Dan Norman

Ever wonder what people do all day? Where the person in the car next to you is headed? How the citizens of your town spend their day? Well, wonder no more. Children’s Theatre Company kicks off their 2014-2015 season with Busytown the Musical. Based on the cherished book “What Do People Do All Day?” by Richard Scarry and adapted for the stage by Kevin Kling.

In Busytown, we spend the day following Huckle Cat, who is played by the hilarious Reed Sigmund, around the streets of Busytown as he learns what his neighbors do all day. With the help of Farmer Alfalfa (Kasono Mwanza), Grocer Cat (Meghan Kreidler) and Stiches (Autumn Ness), Huckle learns how food moves from the farm to your kitchen table and how money transfers hands in this process as well. When Besty Bear (Autumn Ness) decides to write Grandma Bear (Dean Holt) and invite her to visit for a birthday surprise, Huckle learns how mail makes its way to the destination written on the envelope. When Huckle discovers Betsy Bear is throwing a birthday party for Grandma Bear, he volunteers to bake the cake. Not only does Huckle learn how to make a cake, but he unfortunately also learns what a firefighter does all day. During Huckle’s adventurous day, his best friend Lowly Worm (Dean Holt) has an even bigger adventure and ends up in the hospital. Where we all learn what doctors and nurses do all day.

Scenic Designer Eric J. Van Wyk did an amazing job with the simple set. The colors and design are reminiscent of illustrations in children’s books. The set and props are functional and don’t overpower the action taking place on stage. Loren Shaw’s costumes bring these beloved characters from the page to the stage in classic style.

It’s always hard to bring book characters to the stage. Especially, characters who have been around since 1968 and generations have grown up with. But Kevin Kling, makes the transition from the page to the stage look effortlessly for these characters. The enormously talented cast doesn’t hurt either. As with all productions the Children’s Theatre Company presents, there are plenty of lines and jokes aimed for the enjoyment of the adults in the audience as well. Just one example in this production is when Grandma Bear, portrayed by Dean Holt, says she “came in like a wrecking ball”.

Overall, this production is the perfect night or day at the theatre for the whole family. Let Huckle Cat show you around Busytown soon in this adorable, sweet and amusing show. Busytown the Musical runs through October 26. For more information on the show visit the Children’s Theatre Company’s website.


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