Peter Pan The Musical at Children’s Theatre Company

DN1_9738_ed_mRemember when you were young and couldn’t wait to grow up? Then you could do the fun things grownups were doing like driving a car and not having to go to school? But alas, the world doesn’t work like that and we all grew up. Well, not all of us. Peter Pan managed to stay a boy. That is right. Peter is still in Neverland hanging out with the Lost Boys and Tinkerbell. And of course he is still causing mischief for Captain Hook.

In fact, the Children’s Theatre Company has transformed into Neverland to allow a new generation of children the opportunity to watch Peter and his friends on the stage. Lead by Tyler Michaels, one of the Twin Cities busiest and fastest rising actors, as Peter Pan, this production is one of the best I’ve seen at CTC. Michaels’ youthful exuberance is the picture perfect take on the famous boy who “never wants to grow up”. His interactions with the Lost Boys are unbelievably adorable. You can see and feel the mutual admiration between he and his pint sized costars.

Alanna Saunders’ Wendy is the perfect “mother” to the Lost Boys. She is sweet and tender, yet firm towards her “children”. As always, the paring of CTC company members Reed Sigmund and Dean Holt, Captain Hook and Smee respectively, is comic gold. The physical comedy this duo is capable of is always a delight.

Scenic Designer Walt Spangler has created a colorful and unique Neverland. From colorful flowers to a treehouse complete with a fireman’s pole. This is the Neverland you grew up imagining. Linda Cho has designed some of the best costumes I’ve seen in a CTC production. From Peter Pan’s gorgeous shades of green, to the coordinating costumes of the Lost Boys, to Tiger Lilly’s shades of orange and the coordinating looks of her Pounce girls. Not to mention the various shades of purple for Capitan Hook and his pirates. But the costume I loved the best was worn by Dean Holt. His costume for Nana the Dog was spectacular. Cho did a remarkable job making this costume very life like.

With every CTC production it is always a joy to watch and hear little ones being introduced to the world of live theatre. This is show is no exception the “oohs” and “ahhs” from the audience as Peter flies in for the first time. Or as Peter, Wendy, Michael and John take off for Neverland will put a smile on your face.

For more information on Peter Pan, visit the Children’s Theatre Company’s website.

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