Play It Again, Sam at Artistry

11705247_873946829342090_8631241335816197679_nIn Artistry’s (formally Bloomington Civic Theater) debut production, Play It Again, Sam, audiences are treated to a laugh a minute romantic comedy which is every bit an ode to its writer Woody Allen.

Allan Felix (Alex Brightwell) is a recently divorced and heartbroken magazine writer trying to restart his love life. His wife of two years, Nancy (Emily Thorkildson) just left him because he was too boring for her. Now his friend Dick (Jordan Brent Wolfe) and his wife Linda (Haley Sisler) are left to pick up the pieces and find Alan a new lady. Problem is, Alan has a very active imagination and is extremely socially awkward around females. Especially ones he is trying to impress, like first dates. But over time Allan falls in love with and has a brief affair with Linda.  Throughout the play Allan repeatedly seeks advice from the ghost of his idol, Humphrey Bogart (Tim Russell), but eventually decides he needs to be himself and leave Bogey on the screen. But not before quoting Bogart’s famous lines to Ingrid Bergman in the last scene of Casablanca.

Staged in the intimate Black Box Theater, director Peter Moore makes ideal use of every inch of stage space. He has also done a fantastic job of playing up the insecurities and imagination of Alex Brightwell’s Allen.

Play It Again, Sam is a great introductory piece for someone who’s not familiar with Woody Allen’s work. It also makes a great date night or night on the town.

Play It Again, Sam is playing through August 2 at Artistry in Bloomington. For more information on the show visit their website.


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