Stage Kiss at the Guthrie Theater

Todd Gearhart and Stacia Rice Photo by: Joan Marcus

Todd Gearhart and Stacia Rice
Photo by: Joan Marcus

Ever wonder if the actors portraying a couple on stage are also a couple in real life? Or how playing a couple on stage impacts their personal lives? In Stage Kiss, the latest production to play on the Guthrie’s McGuire Proscenium Stage we try to understand is it really life imitating art or art imitating life.

Stacia Rice and Todd Gearhart portray two actors and former lovers who are cast in a 1930s melodrama which includes lots of kissing. After the play ends they move their stage love to the real world; in the process upheaving their personal relationships. While the first act of Sarah Ruhl’s play follows the actors in the staging of an ill-fated show, the second act follows them as they take their reacquainted love off-stage and into the real world.

Personally, I have always wondered how actors can be so professional when it comes to kissing on stage, on TV shows and in the movies. It takes a lot of trust between you and your scene partner. Not to mention the trust your significant other must have not only in you and your relationship, but also in the other actor you are working with.

Playwright Sarah Ruhl has done a magnificent job exploring how a simple stage direction such as kissing can turn two people from scene partners to a real life couple. She also shows us that what we see on the stage may in fact be what is going on in real life too.

Stage Kiss is currently playing on the McGuire Proscenium Stage at the Guthrie Theater through August 30. For more information on the show or to get tickets visit the Guthrie’s website.


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