The Jungle Book at Children’s Theatre Company

Photo by Dan Norman

Photo by Dan Norman

Adapting beloved children’s books for the stage is nothing new for the Children’s Theatre Company. Their adaptations don’t just serve the purpose of entertaining their core audience, children, but also to transport the parents and other adults in the audience back to their childhoods.

The latest page to stage offering, The Jungle Book is no exception. Adapted and directed by Greg Banks, who has beautifully transformed Rudyard Kipling’s book into a play to be enjoyed by generations. Playing on CTC’s Cargill Stage, this production features a cast of five actors portraying multiple characters throughout the show. CTC Company Member Autumn Ness as Bagheera is joined by H. Adam Harris as Baloo, Casey Hoekstra as Shere Kahn, Nastacia Nicole as Kaa and Eric Sharp as Mowgli. With the exception of Eric Sharp as Mowgli, the entire cast plays multiple characters.

Scenic Designer, Joseph Stanley has designed and executed a full jungle for these characters to live and play in, complete with swinging ropes, logs and places to climb. Costume designer Alison Siple designed simple, yet gorgeous costumes which allow the actors to easily and quickly transition from character to character. Whether it’s the simple change of a jacket to transform from a monkey to Baloo or quick change of headpieces to change from a wolf to a monkey, the costumes bring the characters to life.
As with all productions I’ve seen at Children’s Theatre Company, this production doesn’t disappoint. It’s fun for the whole family.
For more information on the Jungle Book or to purchase tickets, visit the Children’s Theatre Company’s website.

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