7th House Theater’s The Great Work

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Photo Credit: Amy Anderson

Writing an original musical is hard. Writing one with a powerful and relevant story is even harder. But Grant Sorenson and David Darrow have created one of the best new works I’ve seen in years with The Great Work.

Playing in the Guthrie Theater’s Dowling Studio through January 3, The Great Work is a story we can all relate to as the roles of parent and child are blurred as the baby boomer generation is entering retirement. Spanning sixty years, and taking place in NYC and Vienna, The Great Work is the story of Hans Gartner (at age 80 David Carey, at age 20 Andy Frye), a world renowned pianist, who recounts the story of his greatest love and how this love shaped his life for years to come. Through flashbacks while traveling to Vienna with his daughter Charlotte (Kendall Anne Thompson), Hans transports us 1955 where he is the piano teacher for Franny von Laudon (Shinah Brashears).  During his tenure as Franny’s teacher, he falls for her older sister Elisabeth (Bergen Baker).

Co-directed by 7th House Theater founding members Cat Brindisi, David Darrow and Grant Sorenson, The Great Work, is a breathtaking and exquisitely executed production. The theatre in the round staging allows for the entire Dowling studio space to be utilized.

This production has a short run during the holidays, but is a production not to be missed. With their latest production, 7th House Theater is proving themselves as the future of the Twin Cities Theatre Community.

For more information on The Great Work or to purchase tickets, visit the Guthrie Theater’s website.


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