A Chorus Line at the Ordway Center for the Performing Arts

©2016 RichRyan

Photo by: Rich Ryan

It has been 40 years since A Chorus Line originally took audiences inside the audition for a Broadway musical. A lot has changed in musical theater over the years; Broadway has grown immensely, the demand for splashy new shows has increased and box office records have been shattered. But one thing remains… there is always going to be an audition room full of anxious dancers praying today is the day they book their next show.

A Chorus Line is a simple, yet powerful show. Set on a bare stage in the middle of a chorus audition for an upcoming Broadway show, dancers are desperately trying to do their best and make it through round after round of cuts. Director Zach (Tom Berklund) and his assistant choreographer Larry (Tony Vierling) put the hopeful dancers through their paces. One by one, Zach asks the hopefuls to tell him more about themselves; names, ages, hometowns and their personal story which led them to perusing a dance career. We see these dancers as individuals, stars in their own right; before they learn if they will be cast in the ensemble where their job is to fade into an anonymous member of the cast.

Inspired by true stories, A Chorus Line’s book was written by James Kirkwood and Nicholas Dante based on taped sessions with Broadway dancers and choreographer (and original director) Michael Bennet. The show also features some of Marvin Hamlisch (music) and Edward Kleban’s (lyrics) most iconic songs; “One”, “What I Did for Love”, “I Hope I Get It”, “At the Ballet” and “Hello Twelve, Hello Thirteen, Hello Love”.

A Chorus Line is a classic Broadway show, which even 40 years later is a feel good story about chasing your crazy dreams. Whether your dream is dancing, playing professional sports or starting your own company; the show makes your wonder exactly how far would you go to make your dream a reality.

A Chorus Line is playing through February 28 at the Ordway Center for the Performing Arts in St Paul. For more information on the show or to purchase tickets, visit the Ordway’s website.


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