Calendar Girls at Park Square Theatre


Photo credit: Petronella J Ytsma


There is something refreshing about a play which celebrates the friendships between women. Calendar Girls is a delightful comedy and a perfect girls’ night date. Based on the 2003 British movie of the same name, Calendar Girls explores the bonds of friendships in the face of tragedy.

When Annie’s (Christina Baldwin) husband (John Middleton) dies from leukemia she and her friends decide to raise money for the purchase of a settee to be placed in the family room of the hospital. After the standard fundraiser ideas of a bake sale, garage sale, etc. are thrown out the group comes up with the idea to create a calendar of them posing in the buff. The women are creatively and strategically placed behind flower arrangements, cakes, and knitting projects among other items. Once the calendar goes on sale the women are surprised at the attention they are receiving not only locally but worldwide.

On many levels Calendar Girls reminds me a lot of one of my favorite movies (I haven’t seen the play, yet), Steel Magnolias. A group of women, all from different backgrounds and at different stages in their lives, who form unbreakable bonds.

Calendar Girls is an entertaining time at the theatre and the perfect summer girls’ night out.

Calendar Girls runs through July 24th at Park Square Theatre in Saint Paul. For more information on the show or to purchase tickets, visit their site.

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