Bars and Measures at Jungle Theater


Photo by Dan Norman

In the Jungle Theater’s latest offering, Bars and Measures, two brothers find themselves on the opposite side of music world and the law. Bilal (Ansa Akyea) loves listening to, playing and writing jazz music. For years he has tried to convince his brother, Eric (Darius Dotch) to leave the world of classical music behind and join him in the jazz world. This push is never more evident than now with Bilal locked up awaiting trial on federal charges related to terrorism. While Eric navigates the jazz world trying to keep his brother’s music alive and spirits up, he begins to learn there is much more different between he and Bilal than just their love of different musical genres.

This rolling world premiere play is written by Idris Goodwin and directed my Marion McClinton. Both making their Jungle Theater debuts. The story is a rich a powerful journey through faith and family. It makes you stop and question not only your own choices, but how those choices have affected the ones you love to.

Based on a true story, Bars and Measures is playing through October 9 and the Jungle Theater in Uptown. For more information or to purchase tickets, visit the Jungle Theater’s website.


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